Most Common Photocopier Problems and How To Deal With Them?

Despite how reliable it can be, technology still has its problems. In the case of photocopiers, several common issues arise from regular use that can affect the performance of your office copier. If you’ve been having any photocopier issues in the office lately, read on to find out what you can do about them.

Toner and Cartridge Issues

When printing, you should be aware that using the wrong toner cartridge, a malfunctioning cartridge, or an empty cartridge can result in various issues. To prevent this, ensure you utilize the photocopier toner and cartridges specified by your copier lease provider. If you find yourself having trouble getting outputs from a new one of these cartridges, then try shaking it vertically to redistribute the ink before inserting it into the photocopier.

Paper Jam

Jamming of paper is a widespread and irritating problem amongst copiers Tampa. Such issues may arise due to subpar-quality paper, incorrect loading of papers, or something obstructing the photocopier’s inner elements. Be sure that you only use copier-acceptable pages that have been loaded correctly before starting your printing process to prevent this problem from occurring again. This way, you can be certain you will avoid any potential jams.

Wrinkled Pages

Wrinkled photocopies may come from the copier machine overflowing with paper, the type of copier paper used to make it unsuitable for photocopying, or even too much humidity in the environment resulting in damp photocopy paper. Use copier-specific papers and ensure you only overload your photocopier with a little paper before printing in the future to avoid similar occurrences. Additionally, keep your photocopying environment at a pleasant temperature and humidity level to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Lines on Paper

Lines or streaks on paper may result from various factors, such as impurities in the scanner glass or difficulties with your photocopier’s fuser. If you are using a multi-function machine, they may even happen due to defective drum units and developers. To put it another way, if a malfunctioning blade of the drum is present, then large lines will appear vertically down an entire printed page. The best action when facing these issues would be to take advantage of a lint-free cloth for cleaning up the scanning glass from your copier device. Replace any damaged cartridges containing toner and ensure you only overload the copier machine with a little paper at a time.

Printing Smudges

Sometimes photocopies can have smudges on them due to spilled toner or the photocopier being in contact with too much humidity. To avoid this, ensure you are always utilizing copier-compatible papers that go hand in hand with your photocopier machine and keep it away from any damp areas of the office. Additionally, you can slightly compress the photocopy paper when loading it into your photocopier, which helps prevent smudging.

Overall, photocopiers are essential for any office, so they must remain in proper working order. By taking the time to understand common photocopier problems and how to prevent them, you can ensure that your office photocopier is always running optimally.

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