Electronic Arts Patented Technology For Fast Loading Games

Many gamers today are frustrated with slow loading times in their video games. Fortunately, there is a new way to avoid these problems with patented technology from Electronic Arts. It’s called the Patent Pledge. By releasing its patented technology to competitors for free, the company aims to make gaming more inclusive for everyone. Specifically, the pledge protects games from slow loading times, allowing players to enjoy the game in a faster and more enjoyable manner.

With this new patent, EA has a chance to eliminate boot screens and downloads altogether. While this has long been a problem for gamers, the company’s patented technology could help eliminate them completely. As gamers, we hate loading screens and are constantly wishing that they would be more responsive. It’s possible that the patented technology from Electronic Arts will solve the problem once and for all. If so, it will be a boon to players everywhere.

Streaming technology is another possible solution for reducing waiting times for new games. Streaming technology would allow players to play a game immediately without having to wait for the title to download. This would make game downloads faster than ever before. In addition, new games can weigh tens of gigabytes and more. By preventing boot times, streaming technology could allow new players to enjoy the game before it’s even released.

As the technology is still in its early stages, it’s unclear if it will be used on all devices. The company has not provided specific hardware requirements, but it will need certain hardware to enable third-phase streaming. Additionally, it will need a user’s computer to be able to run the second simulation engine. In the future, this technology may be standard for video games. While EA’s patented technology for fast loading games may not be available for every gaming platform, the patent is a good sign of what is to come in the future.

The EA pledge also includes five patents in the field of accessibility. One of those patents is for ‘Ping System’, a feature that enables players to communicate with each other without using mics and headsets. The player community has applauded this technology for its accessibility and reduced in-game toxicity. It also removes the opportunity for players to be abusive to one another. It’s not clear how the Ping System technology works, but it’s a great start.

Another important feature of this technology is its ability to detect the underlying colors. It also helps gamers with vision problems. The Ping System allows users to see content in games faster than their peers who cannot. This technology is currently used in the FIFA franchise. The Ping System is a feature in FIFA and Madden NFL. These features are being used in video games to make them more accessible to all types of players.

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