5 Types of Software For Graphic Design

There is an array of graphic design software out there; some are free, and others cost considerable sums of money. Finding one that meets both your needs and budget requirements is of utmost importance.

Lunacy excels at vector graphics editing, making it a fantastic option for beginner UI designers without the budget for more costly tools. Furthermore, it boasts an extensive library of templates.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is an innovative vector graphics program used by graphic design professionals. It is capable of producing print-ready and web graphics which scale without losing resolution, and works across any screen resolution, offering comprehensive toolset updates regularly.

Vector images differ from GIF and JPEG files by being composed of mathematically defined lines known as paths; these paths allow scaleability without loss in quality.

Adobe Illustrator files are small enough to easily transfer and share, making them ideal for email attachments as well as file-sharing services like Dropbox.


Canva is an easy and accessible tool that makes creating visual assets that stand out easy. Offering templates, photos and graphics from which users can choose, as well as the capability of custom designing designs specifically for their business, it makes for an outstanding solution.

Canva offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making design quick and easy. Plus, Canva features free stock images, fonts, icons and illustrations to jump start your creativity. In addition, Canva integrates with numerous third-party services so that your own assets can be brought in directly – but its web-based nature means it can only be accessed when an internet connection is present.


DesignWizard is user-friendly and provides a range of templates. Additionally, there is an online photo editor included. Ideally suited to non-designers who need to quickly produce visual marketing materials; also suitable for marketing agencies, social media specialists and entrepreneurs.

Each template is fully customizable to your own business’s needs; add your logo, modify fonts and include personalized captions; even altering background images is possible!

Best of all, you can reuse your designs as many times as desired – an unparalleled advantage over similar tools that charge per use or place watermarks after 24 hours.


PhotoDirector provides users with a robust range of image editing tools. Its photo management functionality stands out, with features like star ratings, flag picks and tags for organizing images. In addition, PhotoDirector supports an extensive array of metadata fields.

The software also boasts a comprehensive suite of image-blending tools, such as Face Swap for merging photographs of one person. Furthermore, it recognizes faces for face tagging purposes.

Cyberlink also added several animation effects based on their success with mobile applications; some may find these quirky but they work effectively.


VistaCreate is a comprehensive graphic design software solution with much to offer. Among its many features are background removal and resizing for fast design tasks; as well as its large library of templates. Plus, this program is completely free!

This tool is an ideal option for both personal and professional use, boasting a user interface that is both straightforward and user-friendly, making it simple and straightforward to create captivating designs. Furthermore, the mobile apps provide the added flexibility of working on designs during commute times or lunch breaks – and are compatible with both iOS and Android devices!


Lunacy is an advanced vector graphic software for user experience (UX) and web design, outstripping both Figma and Sketch in terms of speed and capabilities. Packed with pixel perfect icons, AI-generated photos/vector illustrations, royalty-free music, intelligent suggestion suggestions for styles/icons/components as well as an upscaling feature, it comes in 16 languages for efficient work processes.

Lunacy is a native Windows application and works offline. Compatible with major hand-off and version control tools, its mask images and generated text can be used to create user avatars while it automatically orders layers according to their size.

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